approach to mineral administration
The mining projects together with mineral based industries are growing vertically and horizontally in the recent past and play an important role in the country's economy. Majority of mining activities of the state (viz. Grant of lease, cancellation of lease, collection of royalty, ensuring safe and eco-friendly mining etc.) are controlled by the State Department of Mines & Geology. This department, on one hand, administer central legislations (viz. MMDR Act, 1957 and MCR 1960) for major minerals and implement Rajasthan State Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1986 for minor minerals on the other.
categories of minerals:
As per the available legislations in the country, all minerals have been classified into two categories namely.
Major Minerals: Major Mineral are minerals like Agate, Asbestos, Barytes, Bauxite, Cadmium, Calcite, China Clay, Coal. Copper Lead, Manganese, Mica, Nickel, Rock Phosphate, Soapstone, Tungsten, Wollastonite, Zinc, etc., as specified in Second Schedule appended with the MMDR Act 1957.
Minor Minerals: The Minor Mineral are Building Stone, Gravel, Ordinary Clay, Ordinary Sand and any other mineral which the Central Government may by notification in the official Gazette declare as Minor Mineral. As on today the Minor Minerals are Bajri Brick Earth, Chips and Powder making minerals, Diorite, Granite, Kankar, Limestone, Marble, Masonry stones, Sand Stone, Serpentine and other Decorative Stone, etc. as specified in Schedule-I appended with RMMCR 1986.
Prevailing Rules/ Guide Lines for Grant of Mineral Concessions
  • The Mines & Minerals (Development and Regulation ) Act 1957.
  • The Mineral Concession Rules (MCR) 1960. (Applicable for Major Minerals).
  • Rajasthan Minor Mineral Concession Rules (RMMCR) 1986 (Applicable for Minor Minerals of Rajasthan).
  • The National Mineral Policy 1993(promulgated by Govt. of India in March 1993).
  • Mineral Conservation and Development Rules 1988.
  • The Forest (Conservation) Act 1980.
  • The Forest (Conservation) Rules 1981.
  • The Mines Act 1952.
  • The Mines Rules 1955.
  • Metalliferous Mines Regulations 1961.
  • The Coal Mines (Conservation and Development) Act 1974.
  • Coal Mines Regulations 1957.
  • The Granite Conservation and Development Rules 1999.
  • Mineral Policy 1994 (promulgated by State of Rajasthan in July 1994).
  • Marble Policy 2002 (promulgated by State of Rajasthan in March 2002).
  • Granite Policy 2002 (promulgated by State of Rajasthan in March 2002).
  • Rajasthan Mica Act, 1965.
  • Granite conservation and development Rules 1999 (promulgated by Government of India in June 1999).
  • Marble conservation and development Rules 2002 (promulgated by Government of India in May 2002)
Other allied Acts and Rules, notifications, circulars issued from time to time by Govt. of India and Govt. of Rajasthan are applicable to regulate the activities of the Mining field.
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